Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food And Anxiety

A young Belgian named Geert has become an expert on all things having to do with anxiety and panic disorders, having suffered horribly since childhood himself and recovering. Geert teaches other anxiety sufferers how to overcome their problems and does it in a casual, light-hearted and entertaining style. I've always looked forward to videos from him and love his accent.

This wise-beyond-his-years young man has now come out with a new program teaching about the link between what you eat (or drink) and anxiety and panic disorders. He talks about the things you consume that make it worse and the things you can consume that will make it better. Like spinach and how it increases your gaba levels.

Check out Geert's introductory video for his program called Anxiety Foods and see if you don't find it enlightening and entertaining at the same time. I highly recommend watching it. Here's the link again:

By the way, that is NOT an affiliate link. If you decide to purchase his program I get nada - except the satisfaction that you're doing something to help yourself. After you watch it, shoot me an email and tell me what you thought.

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