My Anxiety Disorder And Me

As a long-time sufferer of Anxiety Disorder, I became all too familiar with the symptoms, sensations and causes of this debilitating disorder. It wasn't fun! In fact, for a few years it was a living hell! In my worst days, I experienced panic attacks, tremors that made it impossible for me to continue my work as a hairstylist, and even my eyes played tricks on me.

After trying meds and finding that nothing was going to work long-term and they ALL brought on side effects, I regressed to self-medicating with alcohol. When that almost killed me, I got sober and found the 12 Steps of AA helped immensely in making the necessary changes in my outlook on life that would make it possible for me to rid myself of most of my anxiety problem.

Still, there was a nagging Chronic or Generalized Anxiety getting in my way, whenever my stress level got too high. At times, it reminded me of a 400 pound gorilla sitting on my chest. Unacceptable! So I started looking for clues as to what to do about that. I found there are treatments available that require no medications and no expensive sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

I continue to look at these online treatment programs and find that some are ineffective or put together in a way that isn't going to help much. Others are well put together and presented in a way that anyone can benefit from. I'll be telling you about the good ones.

The first program I found that helped me is Easy Calm by Jon Mercer. If you or anyone you love suffers from any form of Anxiety Disorder, I urge you to check this out. And while you're at it, sign up for my free informative mini-course at

To YOUR recovery,